Do you have questions about how your child is developing? Here is a general Developmental Checklist that can help. Remember that all children develop at different rates so one or two slight delays may not constitute a developmental delay. But, the earlier a problem is addressed the better the chances are for your child to overcome any problems. If you notice that your child is behind in several areas for his/her age group you may want to contact your pediatrician and ask for an evaluation.

1 Month Old Skills

  • Can hold head up
  • Looks someone in the face when they make noises if they are in their direct line of vision and fairly close
  • Wiggles arms and legs
  • Responds to noises such as bells

3 Month Old Skills

  • Can hold head up and still when held in a sitting position
  • Holds head up when lying on tummy
  • Babbles, laughs, coos and makes other noises
  • Brings hands together as if clapping

6 Month Old Skills

  • Holds and examines objects
  • Bears weight on legs
  • Turns toward sounds
  • Reaches out to be held or for objects out of reach
  • Can feed self foods such as cereal, crackers, cookies

9 Month Old Skills

  • Can transfer objects from one hand to another
  • Can sit without support
  • Stands while holding onto support
  • Says simple words like “mama” and “dada”
  • Combines syllable and babbles
  • Waves

1-year-old skills

  • Bangs toys around making noise
  • Can hold objects with thumb and finger
  • Stands on their own, even for a short time
  • Can indicate wants
  • Claps and plays pat-a-cake
  • Plays ball with someone

15-month Old Skills

  • Walks and stands on own
  • Scribbles with crayon
  • Uses words together properly
  • Imitates activity of others
  • Can stack toys or put them in a container

18-month Old Skills

  • Can build a tower of blocks
  • Uses three or more words together for short sentences
  • Drinks from a cup
  • Runs
  • Can help parents with simple tasks

2-year-old skills

  • Walks up and down stairs
  • Names items in pictures
  • Throws a ball overhead
  • Can take off own clothes
  • Combines several words for simple sentences

3-year-old skills

  • Washes own hands
  • Can tell names of friends
  • Dresses self without help
  • Brushes teeth
  • Speech is understandable at least half the time
  • Understands the meaning of words like “hot” “sleepy” “run” “hungry”

4-year-old skills

  • Can draw circle shapes
  • Can hop in place
  • Can tell you the use household objects like “phone” “stove” “Bed” “car”
  • Can name at least one color
  • Can understand directions like “in” “on” “under”

5-year-old skills

  • Can count out 5 objects like blocks
  • Plays games
  • Names basic colors
  • Can draw stick figures or people with 3 body parts (head, body, limbs)
  • Can feed self and prepare own meal like cereal and milk
  • Knows alphabet

This checklist was prepared in part by the Arkansas Department of Education, Special Education, the Arkansas Special Education Resource Center and the Civitan Preschool staff.

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